Muslim Manga Senmon Gakkou

This is an online studying program / school for gaining experience making art, manga, using Muslim Manga methodology. If you like to make comics like Muslim Manga, then you can join the school start making your own Muslim-based comics and artworks.


We require you to be at least the age of 15 before being allowed to be enrolled in this program.
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School Agreement

Currently there is no fee to join the school however productivity is essential.  Without productivity, you will be removed from the school. Furthermore, you will need to abide by the rules of the school and community. More information on rules will be provided to you once you have been accepted into the program.

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Unity Statement Agreement

Our organization is open to people who are not Muslim, as well as those who are Muslim, regardless of their sect.  As this is a unity-based organization, negativity and hatred towards Muslims (Sunni, Shia, etc. ) and non Muslims will not be tolerated.