Muslim Manga Organization

Bring forth light in a new age of darkness.
We live in a time where we may be free to do a lot of things, especially in western countries, but freedom of information or freedom of thought is not as accessible, with different narratives being forced upon us.  At Muslim Manga, we want to do our part in helping push forward more neutral yet accurate understandings of Muslims and Islam. Ultimately it is the readers decision what to do next with this information, but we aim to at least be the little step that helps people jump from darkness and dive into the depths of light.

Our Birth
The earliest form of Muslim Manga, came from an idea that came to mind in a Hajj pilgrimage, where a young man decided he wanted to combine his interests and talents along with Islam to make God proud that he was using what he had for a good cause.

Understandably, this early stage Muslim Manga was not formed into its final version right from the onset. It went through some changes before it evolved into a more mature idea.  It started as a discussion board where Muslims and artists who shared an interest in anime and manga frequented.  The name of the organization itself went through a few different iterations such as iAnime, short for Islamic Anime, and MManga, short for the current Muslim Manga.

Our Team



Oversees day to day operations


Art Director

Creates manga, and oversees art related operations



Oversees outreach and social media related operations