Through various contest events and other events, we engage with the Muslim Manga community. As far as contests go, we have had various types, including, manga, fan-manga, original art, fanart, tutorials, writings. As far as other events, we have had events such as poetry collaborations, partner art-share events and so on.


Through our community contests as well as our partnerships with artists, we have created a good collection of multi-paged Islamic theme-based manga such as the Pious Student and Muslim character-based manga such as Hana and Her Love.


Somewhat different than our manga, we also have a collection of webcomics, and continue to create new updates to our webcomic series such as Journey of a Muslim as well as the Muslim Manga webcomic series.


Additionally, we have what we call animatics for some of our manga, which uses voice acting as well as sound effects and background sounds to give more life to the already engaging stories. The manga Samurai Akiyama, Hana & Her Love, and the Heart of Fawwaz have voice over work done, and the animatics are pending final production.


Through our community contributions, we have a small humble library of manga style tutorials and we will do our best to keep working on this library so that we can all grow together artistically as well as spiritually.


As we are way into the mobile generation, we have also made efforts to have our content easily accessed on mobile as well. On our Manga reader site, , readers can enjoy our manga via a mobile friendly platform.

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