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Series Pages

Originals – This page has a collection of our own original manga that we have created for Muslim Manga.

Binder – This page has a collection of community submitted manga, many of which have been submitted view Muslim Manga Contests


Manga – This category contains all the manga posts we have.  It may be hard to navigate due to the large volume of content, so I recommend you to use the original or binder pages to have an easier time finding the specific manga or comic you want. This category is used for longer than 2 pages per episode manga.

Comics – The comics category are still manga, but we have specified the comics category to be for one page per episode series. There are multiple ongoing series, including Muslim Manga Club, Journey of a Muslim, and WaSalam in  this category.

Videos – We have video content including animatics and speed-painting videos among other things.

Podcast – we host our Keep it Genki podcast in this category.

Tutorials – the tutorial category includes posts that will help you learn how to do different tasks, primarily focused on teaching drawing and manga editing in a Muslim friendly fashion

Art – the art category includes artworks and illustrations that are not necessarily a comic.  The content of the illustrations can vary from simple illustrations of characters to meaningful messages and quotes. One popular series in the art category is the WaSalam Illustrations

Fanart – this category includes fanarts of popular anime, manga and or other mediums.

Notice – For updates on different things from Muslim Manga, this is the place to go.

Blog – This is out blog category.  It is currently pretty nonexistent, but in the future, this is the place to get your blog needs from Muslim Manga

All – If you want to see all content in one category, you can just visit this page. This may not be ideal most of the time, but if for some reason, you thought that you need to see everything un-categorized, well, congratulation, we made that page for you, you wonderful person.

Event based pages

Events – We have events / contests sometimes.  This is the place to go and participate in those.  We often have cool prizes.

Challenges – We have regular weekly challenges in this category.  So come back every week and you can participate here and be part of the community in that way.

Submissions – To view the latest submissions from our community, check out this page

Rewards for our patrons

Premium – We have certain premium content available for our patrons here.

Illustrations – We have created a library of wonderful illustrations for our patrons to enjoy.

Lineart – we also have a library of line-arts based on our illustrations.  You can print these out and color them in.  It is pretty fun 🙂

Phone wallpapers – we also do our best to release monthly phone wallpapers.

Speed painting Videos – in this category we have speed painting videos of different things we have worked on in the past.

Custom Icon – Our patrons who pledge at a certain tier also get a custom icon drawn for them.  We really have fun making this for our beloved supporters.

Special Offers – We have special offers from time to time.  If you want to learn more, check out this section.

Other Muslim Manga Pages

Start – this is a page where you can get a quick brief overview of many of the basic things Muslim Manga provides.

Community – learn about our community by visiting this page

about us – a page with information about Muslim Manga

about Muslim Manga characters – learn about the characters we have in our series, Muslim Manga Club and WaSalam

about team – learn more about the team who make things possible, including editors and translators 

projects – learn about what projects Muslim Manga has done and is doing.

history – learn about how Muslim Manga started

contact us – if you need to contact us, this is the place to go to

apply – if you wish to volunteer and help Muslim Manga, this is the place to go

subscribe – subscribe to our newsletter and get your latest info sent to your email

newsletter – to get updates and notification of events, you can go here

faq – frequently asked questions

services – To see what our services are, you can visit here

commissions – to learn about our commissions, view here

donate – if you are interested in what Muslim Manga does and want to support us, this is the page to go to. Both one time donations and recurring donation methods are available.  Alternatively, you can support us on and get many different rewards for your contributions.

shop – if you like what we do, you might be interested in buying some merch from the store



Our helpers translate Muslim Manga content into different languages.  We have set up a separate website for all those languages.  Below is a list of languages available with links to the specific languages.










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