The anime fanatic older sister

She is quite the anime and manga otaku. She practically lives in anime. It is her reality.


The stuffed animal

He’s a lion and his power level is over 9000!!!


The Studious younger brother

Unlike his older sister, he is much more serious. He is not so much into anime, and manga but he does have his creative side. He likes photography.


A foreign exchange student from America!

He is an American Muslim. He is quite the Japan + Muslim otaku. He likes anime too.


The Manga Ka Senpai

Aya’s Senpai.

Number 5

The Mysterious 5th Member

Who could this be?

Sensei OwO

The Club Advisor

Well… someone has to be the club adviser….


Poji's friend or enemy?

So many mysteries

The Hand

the connection between the worlds

What could this possibly be about?

The Principal

Someone's in charge

Be careful Aya- oh wait, he is actually really nice!

The Vice Principal

Someone else is in charge too

Be Careful Aya! Your silliness could get you in trouble!