Behold the winners of the Muslim Female OC contest!

1st Place:
Yusra Petals by sakura02

Yusra petals by sakura02

2nd Place:
::Nur:: by ChiakiAutumn

Love Baking by e60m

Love Baking by e60m

3rd Place:
Mariam and the Pendant by TheForsakenSailor

Mariam and the Pendant by TheForsakenSailor

Sarah- Contest Entry by 3m0cLoWn


Miss Matching by aonoa

Miss Matching by aonoa


All Participants:…

Update: Muslim-Manga creates contests to encourage the making of new art about Muslims or Islam, so we won’t allow old entries. If you create 1 deviation specifically for this contest, then we will allow you to submit deviations you may have done in the past 30 days but no longer than that.

There is a Muslim Female OC Contest from January 15h to February 15th here:…

Rules are on the sidebar. Please read all of the information on the sidebar.

If you have any questions, please ask them in this blog entry.

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