Salaams everyone!

Welcome to the Holy Quran Manga Contest! All of these mangas are awesome and I want to let the other participants know that even though they did not get first place, they should not be upset, because they will be rewarded with a higher gift by Allah.  Everyone, keep up the work and please submit to our contests again!  We love your mangas!

Here are the results of the Holy Quran Manga Contest!

1st Place


2nd Place

The Sign Cover by tuffix

3rd Place

The Reason - Cover by roelworks

As promised, first Place winner, will get their most of their mangas pages if not all the pages featured on Muslim Manga and Second and Third Place winners will get their cover featured.

This contest is here to show the importance of reading the Holy Qur’an.

The basic idea of the manga contest is that you show why reading the Holy Qur’an is important.  Reading these contests can/will inshaAllah be encouraging for children and adults to read the Holy Qur’an more often

There are a few ways to go about this:

You can talk about how reading the Holy Qur’an is a good deed and will get you closer to Allah

Or about how reading the Holy Qur’an affects your every day life in a positive way.

You can talk about how reading the Holy Qur’an keeps you away from committing sins or keeps you to do less sins, than you would have if you did not read it.

..and these are just a few possibility.  I am sure you can all think of other ways to encourage people to read this Holy book.

This is a very important event, so if we have more than 4 submissions (at least 5), the first place winner will get a 3 month subscription.


March 12 – April 30 here:…

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