For Palestine Contest

Assalam wa alaikum welcome to the For Palestine Contest brothers and sisters

We are glad to tell you that voting for our For Palestine Contest event had ended and we have our winners.:iconcheerplz:

The winners were selected by you through a poll

Let’s congratulate our winners

:star: First Place Winner is Towards the Life of Complete Freedom by TikTokXII

Towards the Life of Complete Freedom by TikTokXII

:star: Second Place Winner is 1987 INTIFADA by Chamomilliya

1987 | INTIFADA by Chamomilliya

:star: Third Place Winner is For Gaza by Birdynum-num

For Gaza by Birdynum-num

:iconcongratsred1plz::iconcongratsred2plz::iconcongratsred3plz::iconcongratsred4plz: to our winners !! :party:

And Thank You everyone for voting .:aww:

If you like ,you can see the prizes and the other entries in the main contest journal  here

Peace be upon you :iconwavebackplz:

Salaamoalaykom everyone.
I mean to start this contest a lot earlier, but for certain reasons it got delayed.

December 2nd to December 30th


1st – Full view Feature on Muslim-Manga for two weeks + 3 month subscription
2nd – Feature on Muslim-Manga for one week
3rd – Feature on Muslim-Manga for one week


– Be creative
– No offensive content
– Multiple entries allowed
– [You] Must be a member of Muslim-Manga
– Must be anime / manga style
– Must have a ‘Muslim-Manga’ text in it and or
– Must Include in the artwork
– Must be about the Palestinian conflict and must be in support of the Palestinians
– Must look finished.  It does not have to be colored, but it should look finished


Make a drawing to show your support for the Palestinian people and what they have gone through for so many years.

Include ( in your artwork.  It would probably be best in the bottom corner, but if you can incorporate the text somewhere else in your artwork, then you are welcome to do that.  But don’t forget to include it.

If you have any questions, please ask.


Submit these artworks to the “For Muslim Manga” folder, AND post a link to your artwork in the comments bellow.  If you don’t, there may be a chance your artwork won’t be put into the polls when the voting time comes.  Submit it on time.  The contest ends on December 30th.  We will wait until the morning of the next day.  After that, no late submissions will be accepted.

:star: Entries :star:

For Gaza by Birdynum-num Stand up Palestine. Take my hand by dandandanao
please pray for GAZA! by sythm 1987 | INTIFADA by Chamomilliya
Tears of Gaza-2 by Birdynum-num Towards the Life of Complete Freedom by TikTokXII

:iconddrarrowrightplz: The poll will be up soon ,God willing . If you submitted an entry and you can’t find it here ,please let us know . Send a note to Muslim-Manga or spring-sky

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