Draw Hijabi Using SAI


How to Draw the Hijabi Girl Using Sai shows in three quick main steps how to draw a girl in veil with the well known software SAI.

The artist Hikari-Hany has contributed this tutorial for Muslim Manga.

Draw Hijabi Using SAI

To Learn or not to learn. But it is a life long task! That is why we have more Muslim Manga Tutorials!

Tutorials like “How to Draw the Hijabi Girl Using Sai” teach in more active ways than a book or a classic lecture, which makes it easier to understand a certain topic. Videos, computer programs or so called webinars are also good to use.

You may find this and its artist on DeviantArt!

Muslim Manga is also a group on DeviantArt 
There, we are promoting the understanding of Islam and a more accurate perspective of Muslims as being good and peaceful humans. We want to teach young Muslim youth Islamic Lessons and also want to teach them lessons in Islamic Teachings. Contests of Muslim Manga are also held there for you to submit.

DeviantArt is a Website with a collection of online artwork, videography and photography since August 2000. Groups and individuals can organize and structure their submissions in its specific categories.

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