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Volunteer Job


  • WANTED – Twitter Poster
  • To keep our readers up to date on social media, MuslimManga is in need of a reliable volunteer, who can update regularly new posts on MuslimManga’s Twitter account.
  • You will need to know MuslimManga’s release schedule on Twitter, so you will have an account on MuslimManga’s Discord channel “Nur City”

Key Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • You have access to the social network Twitter (not blocked, banned, etc.)
  • You know enough English to read / write / answer messages (“Tweets”) on Twitter
  • Sharing on social media / Twitter is something you like doing
  • If you are to be the wanted Twitter Poster, posting on schedule is manageable for you.

How to apply to volunteer:

Links and Informations:


Bring forth light in a new age of darkness.

We live in a time where we may be free to do a lot of things, especially in western countries, but freedom of information or freedom of thought is not as accessible, with different narratives being forced upon us.  At Muslim Manga, we want to do our part in helping push forward more neutral yet accurate understandings of Muslims and Islam. Ultimately it is the readers decision what to do next with this information, but we aim to at least be the little step that helps people jump from darkness and dive into the depths of light.

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