So what are comics with Islamic messages?

Islamic comics are sequential narratives that have an Islamic message or theme in them.  They are often comics used primarily for educational uses, or to build faith and confidence in a Muslim audience.

Examples of Islamic comics

Examples of a comic with an Islamic messages would be a story that teaches about a certain islamic belief, or showcase the journey of someone who became Muslim.  The Sign is a good example of this.

In this page, we will showcase the comics on our website that are what we classify as such.

Muslim character, Aya in hijab | Islamic Comics

Popular manga in this category

Some of our popular manga in this category include The Pious Student, Wiggal Wissal and United We Stand. Check out all of our comics and let us know what you think in the comment section of each comic.  IF you are feeling particularly motivated, you can also submit a fanart of your favorite comic.  Just add an attachment via the comment section.

Muslim character focused comics

Comics in the category of islamic comics are a little bit more religious, but if you want to learn about the lives of Muslims without feeling like you are getting lectured on what to believe, then you can header over and read one of many of our comics that have Muslim main characters, but not necessarily feel like it is educational material.
Some of the popular comics in this category include Hana and Her Love and Muslim Manga Club

A community for finding friends who also like the Muslim based comics

If you also want to develop your comic making skills and be part of a community, make sure to join Nur.Ctiy today.  Once you are a member of the community, you can have fun and learn from other Nurizen or Nur City Citizen.