Sticker Design Challenge

Sticker Design Challenge

Sticker Design Challenge

Assalam wa Alaykum everyone, it’s time for the Sticker Design Challenge !

Muslim Manga proudly announces the launching of our very own LINE stickers. Throughout the week we will be releasing line stickers, so to celebrate that, we are asking you to draw Muslim Manga characters or your original character in an emotion you would like to see as a LINE sticker.

What to do:

Draw any of MM characters or your own OC in 5 different emotions that can be used as  LINE stickers.

How to submit:

Post on your Instagram or Facebook account with the hashtag #MMStickerChallenge or you may submit your artwork on our discord server by visiting . We are looking forward to your entries and hope to see a variety of different emotions 😀 But make sure that your artwork doesn’t have any profanity or is disrespectful. Like showing swear words or inappropriate hand signs of any kind etc., even it’s about anger.

Winner will get:

Muslim Manga’s very own LINE stickers for you to share with friends, family, comrades and maybe even the world~ Here are some samples of the prizes for the Sticker Design Challenge:


Minasan, ganbatte kudasai! 😀

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  • Hi, may I ask when’s the dateline for this contest?

    • Assalamualaikum. The challenge will end this coming Sunday

      • So its already ended? I just about to join after seeing Muslim Manga posted on Instagram. Am I too late?

        • Thank you for the comment. Unfortunately the event has finished. Make sure to subscribe to put newsletter as well as our social media to stay updated with our events and content 🙂

        • Yes, it is ended. That instagram post was from quite a while ago. Now we have a different contest going on. It is the Friendship with Muslims contest and there is quite the nice prize for that contest 🙂

          • Thanks for your reply. I’m quite interested in drawing sticker, or just like drawing a Character. I’m a bit inexperienced drawing manga.. so I hope maybe can you do event something like this more? I would like to take a part. 🙂

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