FRIENDSHIP and Team Work by Poi-Frontier

Thus, the Winner of the September Friendship Contest is araceliestrellaeme !!!!

Your prize will be to ask any of the Muslim Manga staff members to make a drawing of your drawing. (^0^)
Feel free to demand your prize. …..nicely and with a cup of tea. ^w^

By the way, we apologize for our late announcement. Currently, Muslim Manga is undergoing several changes. These changes, of course, are to make Muslim Manga a more amazing and creative community. And also, more content. Yes. You may expect more content from us.


Contest ended. We’re deciding who the winner is going to be and the winner will be announced soon.
After that, the winner will receive his or her prize.

Regarding Submission Criteria: you may also send us an email to the following address: [email protected]
This email must include your submission artwork and your author information.

This is Optional. If you have already submitted to the Contests Folder here in the DA Muslim Manga, you may ignore this. This is only necessary if you don’t have a DA account but you still wish to participate.
contest info
Muslim Manga welcomes you to the September Friendship contest!!! \(^0^)/
One of the missions in Muslim Manga is to represent to the world the virtues of Islam. One of them being Friendship.
We encourage you to create an image whereby you express your views on friendship in the Islamic community and/or friendship between Muslims and non-Muslims.
Represent a friendly story or a personal anecdote or an image that may encompass Friendship.

Submissions Criteria:
Your artwork must not be disrespectful or obscene and must follow Muslim Manga guidelines.
Your artwork may either be digital art or traditional art.
Be creative!
Remember to submit your work in the correspondent folder: a.k.a Contest Folder or you may send an email to [email protected] with your artwork and artist’s information.

Duration: 2 weeks
Initial date: Monday 14th, September
End date: Wednesday 30th, September

Ask any of the staff members of Muslim Manga to make a fan art of your art. ^o^
You may ask everyone to do so…….go ahead…… do it. ;)

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