AsSalaamualaykum, welcome to the Salaat Manga Contest

Unfortunately we have to cancel the event since we got so few entries.  We’re really sorry about having to do that.

To those who participated, thank you for participating and again, we are sorry about this. We hope that you will understand and that inshaAllah we will be able to hold more contests in the future.


Since there was some confusion with the contest due to the web hosting being down on Muslim Manga, we are extending the contest until July 22nd 2013

More info on the Salaat Manga Contest here:…


Prize for dA members can be 12 month subscription or prize offered on website.

If you are submitting it to us via deviantArt, please submit it to the For Muslim Manga folder.  Make sure to follow all the other rules.

Also, don’t watermark your submission for this contest.  If you have any questions or comments, you may comment bellow or you may comment on the website.

Deadline: July 22nd 2013


If you consider helping us out, please do so via Patreon. There will also be cool rewards / gifts that you can get. Thank you very much!

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