MuslimManga 5th Anniversary Contest

AsSalaamualaykum to the MuslimManga 5th Anniversary Contest

first place
Happy 5th Anniversary Muslim Manga by Rahimi-AF
Happy 5th Anniversary Muslim Manga by Rahimi-AF

second place
Muslim-Manga 5th Anniversary! by Ukhti63
Muslim-Manga 5th Anniversary! by Ukhti63

third place
contest entry for muslim-manga (5th anniversary) by piyochann
contest entry for muslim-manga (5th anniversary) by piyoa

Any prizes that are mentioned in the original post will be given by the person listed next to the prize.  The subscription and points prizes will be given shortly inshaAllah.

Emoji02 by Emoji-icon Assalamu’alaikum Brothers and Sisters!

The contest has now ended! We will proceed to the voting session here:

VOTE!!! Muslim-Manga 5th Anniversary ContestVoting has ended!
Now, it’s time to decide the best entries! Please head on to the poll to decide the best of the best. :D

 Assalamu’alaikum Brothers and Sisters!
The contest for Muslim-Manga’s 5th Anniversary has ended! 
Now it’s time to vote your favourite entry!

This voting session will last for 2 WEEKS , until 31st of May 2014.
Please inform us if you think more time is needed for the voting process.

How to vote:
 View ALL the 23 entries below.
View every single one in full screen, not just the thumbnail of it
Comment only your three (3) favorite entries that you think are the best.
They don’t have to be in any particular order.

(Please don’t comment with only 1 favorite entry)

Some Rules:

Participants may only promote to others (through journal, po

Time sure does pass really fast doesn’t it?
This 1st of May 2014 will mark the 5th year Muslim-Manga has established itself on DeviantArt.
Praise be to God, that with His will; we are still able to stand strong for half a decade!

Therefore, we have chosen to have a special contest with the theme:

I support Muslim Manga by spring-sky  Support Muslim-Manga (5th Anniversay) I support Muslim Manga by spring-sky

The task is fairly simple; draw an illustration that shows support for Muslim-Manga.
Always try to be creative! The drawing should either include AyaSura (our new Mascot) or both of them together.

Here is a sketch and a short description of Aya and Sura:

(Sura’s hair color is black)
(You don’t have to use their school uniforms when you draw them.)

Aya is a very excited, happy, and energetic manga loving girl… Emoji38 by Emoji-icon
Sura, her younger brother is more serious and studious, and maybe too.. He tries to not get involved in Aya’s activities, but he always somehow gets dragged in…
They are both Japanese, but they’re Muslim.. and they go to a Japanese high school.. One day Aya gets a new idea.  Emoji06 by Emoji-icon
She makes a club called Muslim Manga in her high school… so she can teach others about what Muslims are really like through manga  (Aya Starts a Muslim Manga Club ).  She likes manga and she wants to tell others about Islam and about Muslim people’s hearts.  She thinks it is the perfect idea.  Sura would rather not attract more attention to himself, but Aya drags him against his will and makes him join the club… Emoji28 by Emoji-icon

Also take note that this this will last for THREE weeks only, so try to make the best illustration you can in this time frame :)

 How to Participate :

Bullet; Green Simply make a drawing that fits the theme Support Muslim-Manga 5th Anniversary and the requirements as above and submit it to the Activities n’ Contests folder.

Bullet; Green Put a link to your deviation in a comment on this journal so that we can keep track of it as well as feature it in this journal.

Bullet; Green Make sure that your drawing follows the group’s Submission Rules. Otherwise your drawing will be denied .


The contest will last for THREE weeks. The deadline will be Tuesday, May 13th (GMT-8 | PST).  Make sure to submit your entry before that date to be eligible for voting.

You can submit as many entries as you want. Only one entry can win though!

We’ll make a poll of the entries which will last for one week.

 Prizes :

1st Place
:bademoticon: 3 Month dA Premium Membership Subscription
:bademoticon: Big feature for two weeks in Muslim-Manga
:bademoticon: Digital illustration of your oc with bg scenery by Warao (not too complicated bg and depends on my mood to draw so the colour, character and the bg goes well blend)
:bademoticon:full body animated pixel art by IchiNii-San

2nd Place
:bademoticon: 100 :points:
:bademoticon: Feature for two weeks in Muslim-Manga
:bademoticon: simple colour half body illustration of your oc by Warao
:bademoticon:animated pixel art (face only) by IchiNii-San

3rd Place
:bademoticon:  50 :points:
:bademoticon: Feature for two weeks in Muslim-Manga
:bademoticon: rough colour headshot of your oc by Warao
:bademoticon:chibi pixel (full-body & non-animated) by IchiNii-San
Prize donations from anyone to add to these prizes would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for supporting Muslim-Manga throughout the years!
Peace and blessings be upon you!

Don’t forget to have fun!

Emoji01   Entries :

Muslim Manga Contest Entry by CyprusBeetle   Muslim Manga 5th Anniversary by nabyyl  5th Anniversary (=^.^=) by Maryam-s   MUSLIM MANGA 5TH ANNIVERSARY CONTEST SUBMISSION by Tiecka23  Contest Entry: Muslim-Manga 5th Anniversary by Zhar-nee happy 5th anniversary muslim manga!! by akunohime01Muslim Manga CONTEST SUBMISSION 5th Anniversary by Rye-Rahym One page at a time! Muslim-Manga 5th Anniversary by SirImran Happy 5th Anniversary Muslim Manga by Rahimi-AF Muslim-Manga 5th Anniversary! by Ukhti63 Muslim Manga 5th Anniversary Cake! by demonese89 Muslim manga 5th anniversary contest by BENDAHARI Muslim-Manga 5th Anniversary Entry by ALwanasSYababMuslim Manga's Happy 5th Anniversary ! by artdeeb96Muslim-Manga 5th Anniversary by BENDAHARI muslim manga contest by Sayuri-chann MuslimManga Contest~ Aya by Frills-Of-Justice

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