Behold the winners of the Muslim Male OC Contest!

1st Place:

Entry 14. –… – by Ryuchi87

2nd Place:

Entry 4. –… – by Noomy

3rd Place:

Entry 16. –… – by AkemiMalfoy
Entry 12. –… – by Kauthar-Sharbini

Disclaimer – These entries only represent the views of the authors and artists.  They do not represent the views of Muslim-Manga (group).

Entry 1.… by silence90

:thumb144258617:  :iconsilence90:

Entry 2.… by 3m0cLoWn

:thumb144432204:  :icon3m0clown:

Entry 3.… by shsn

:thumb144689276:  :iconshsn:

Entry 4.… – by Noomy

Male OC'We are muslims' by Noomy  :iconnoomy:

Entry 5.… – by tongkatwarrant

:thumb144930394:  :icontongkatwarrant:

Entry 6.… – by tieq

Male OC Contest - Robbie by tieq  :icontieq:

Entry 7.… – by Wilpan

Male OC Contest - Muslim Manga by Wilpan  :iconwilpan:

Entry 8.… – by SerigalaTunggal

Male OC Contest - Real Man by SerigalaTunggal  :iconserigalatunggal:

Entry 9.… – by xearoxas

Male OC Contest -KATYUSHA by xearoxas  :iconxearoxas:

Entry 10.… – by spring-sky

Muslim Artist-MM male OC by spring-sky  :iconspring-sky:

There are more 😀

Entry 11.… – by Steamrider86

Hasan Ali Ahmad by Steamrider86  :iconsteamrider86:

Entry 12.… – by Kauthar-Sharbini

Hasan Islam Muslim Male OC by Kauthar-Sharbini  :iconkauthar-sharbini:

Entry 13.… – by Steamrider86

Hasan's Portrait by Steamrider86  :iconsteamrider86:

Entry 14.… – by Ryuchi87

Male-OC-contest: KAI by Ryuchi87  :iconryuchi87:

Even more 😀

Entry 15.… – by Zetra006

Male OC Contest by Zetra006  :iconzetra006:

Entry 16.… – by AkemiMalfoy

Male OC Contest - Faris by AkemiMalfoy  :iconakemimalfoy:

Entry 17.… – by zeleftenant

:thumb146262067:  :iconzeleftenant:

Entry 18.… – by huzza-tbg

Male OC Contest - zaini by huzza-tbg  :iconhuzza-tbg:

Entry 19.… – by rahmania

Male OC Contest- Ihsan Hanifa by rahmania  :iconrahmania:

Entry 20.… – by Naru-Nisa

Siblings by Naru-Nisa  :iconnaru-nisa:

Entry 21.… – by leucosolenia-ss

:thumb150486131:  :iconleucosolenia-ss:

Entry 22.… – by CyprusBeetle

Misko Convert by CyprusBeetle  :iconcyprusbeetle:

Entry 23.… – by kurosaki-yon

hangingout in dsert by kurosaki-yon  :iconkurosaki-yon:

We are not a girls club (as some may think we are) so we are planing to have a Muslim Male Original Character Contest.


November 13 to January 15th


1st – Full view Feature on Muslim-Manga for two weeks
2nd – Feature on Muslim-Manga for one week
3rd – Feature on Muslim-Manga for one week

Short Rules
  • Be creative
  • No profanity
  • No nudity
  • Multiple entries allowed
  • [You] Must be a member of Muslim-Manga
  • Must be anime / manga style
  • Put ‘Muslim-Manga’ text in it
  • Include Muslim-Manga.deviantart or in the artwork
  • Must have a Muslim Original Male character in it
    – Must look finished.  It does not have to be colored, but it should look finished

This should be pretty simple or so I hope.  Draw a male original character of your own that is Muslim.  You can (but do not have to) include other people in the background like a girl with a hijab but the main focus of your deviation should b the male character.

Include text in there like “For Muslim-Manga” or Something like that and a Link to Muslim-Manga’s Deviantart Page  ( in your artwork

If you have any questions, please ask.


When submitting deviations for this event you should title them the following:
“Male OC Contest – [you can put what ever else you want here]”
After that, note us at Muslim-Manga with the title being “Male OC”

If you chose to change the title to something else, that is fine but there is a small chance that your vote might get lost and if it is titled something else, I may not be able to find it.

(Sometimes there may be a link at the top of the link to submit your deviations.  You may use it as long as it is there to send the note for this contest)

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