Manga Contest: Friendship with Muslims

Peace be with you all, it’s time for Manga Contest: Friendship with Muslims..!

Unfortunately there is still a lot of Islamophobia and hate for Muslims in the world. It may not be the case your community, but as recent events show us, the dangers of Islamophobia are very much real.  But we recognize that there are many many people who are also very supportive of Muslims. And March 21st is harmony day.  As such, we are inviting you to join this contest for and create a story that shows the love and friendship towards Muslims.  



And so, the theme of the contest is “Friendship with Muslims”. As our contests are open to not just Muslims, your entry may show

1) friendship between Muslims and those who are not, or
2) friendship between Muslims and other Muslims.


Contest Rules:
  1. Create a manga consisting of at least 5 pages plus one cover image.
  2. Include in the bottom corner of your pages
  3. Must not contain profanity, or content that is disrespectful to people of other religions or races. We are trying to create unity.  Not villainize another group of people
  4. Both traditional and digital art are welcomed. The suggested resolution of participant’s    submission is 300 DPI or more (prefer 2480 pixels x 3508 pixels). If you are doing traditional, scan to the highest quality you are able to.
  5. Entries must be completed and submitted to [email protected] by 4/21/19



May 21, 2019



Submit your entry by sending an email to [email protected]


The Champion:
  • T shirt with their design based on their manga
  • Manga displayed on Muslim Manga website
  • Halfbody sketch drawing from Zhar
  • Sneak peak at Muslim Manga’s upcoming project
The Runner-up:
  • Manga displayed on MuslimManga website
  • Headshot sketch drawing from Zhar
  • Sneak peak at Muslim Manga’s upcoming project
The 3rd place:
  • Manga displayed on MuslimManga website
  • Icon sketch drawing from Zhar
  • Sneak peak at Muslim Manga’s upcoming project
Honorable Mentions:
  • Manga displayed on MuslimManga website

After the submission time ended, all entries will be judged by Muslim Manga and our patreon supporters. Based on the final votes, we will select the Champion, the Runner-up, and the Third place.



March 21, 2019



Ask us @MuslimManga on instagram, twitter, and facebook or send us an email at [email protected]


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  • May I ask if it is require to have 5 pages only? And 1 manga entry ? I’m currently doing my manga. Hope to have your response please.

    • 5 pages or more. You also need a cover page. 5 pages would be for one manga entry. If you want to create a second manga entry, that’s fine too. But only one can win.

  • Resti Kurniawati
    April 18, 2019 2:39 pm

    Assalammu’alaikum. I am newbie here. I want to ask 5 pages means we draw like comic or 5 different drawing? Wassalammu’alaikum

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