Family is a Blessing Activity

Assalam wa alaikum and welcome to the Family is a Blessing Activity event Brothers and Sisters

sunday stroll by TanteTabata

The Voting had ended and we have our winners for the Family is a Blessing activity :eager:

:thumb397674871:  1st place winner ainosora

True Happiness by ainosora

:thumb397674871:  2nd place winner kiraruun

Those Happy Times by kiraruun

:thumb397674871:  3rd place winner affiqahchan

 Light Of Happines by affiqahchan

Congrats to the winners .  You have won a 1 week feature on the group’s front page . :clap:

Thank you to all the participants ,we were very happy to see all your beautiful artworks .

and another Thanks to everyone who voted on the poll .

Keep up your artistic spirit . We shall see you in other activities ,God willing :painter: by Bad-Blood

Peace be upon you !! :heart:


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The New Arrival by stuck-in-suburbia Assalamu Alaikum everybody .

The activity is now closed !  You can now vote for your favorite work here .  .

Thank you to all the participants whom amazed us with their wonderful filled-with-love entries .thank you flower by supperfrogg

Peace be upon you .


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:thumb135481733:  Alsalam alaikum wr wb Brothers and Sisters

Families are the cornerstones of any society . This is why God always emphasizes on the importance of love and respect among their members .

A lot of Quran phrases and prophet Mohammed’s (p.b.u.h.) quotes hold teachings to show us the perfect way to live in harmony with each other ,and thus ,with ourselves.

So ,for the activity this time , the theme will be

Family - NaNoEmo 22/30 by BlissfullySarcastic Family is a Blessing Activity Family - NaNoEmo 22/30 by BlissfullySarcastic

Draw yourself ,or a random Muslim character , with one or more family members. Make sure to show the love ,respect and cooperation between the members ,or any other good habit that Islam supports .



Family Glomp Request by NaturallyPerfect  How to Participate :

:bulletgreen: Simply make a drawing that fits the theme Family is a Blessing and submit it to For Muslim Manga Gallery Folder 

:bulletgreen: Put a link to your deviation in a comment on this journal so that we can keep track of it as well as feature it in this journal .

:bulletgreen: Make sure that your drawing follows the group’s Submission Rules . Otherwise your drawing will be denied .


This is an activity ,It’s like a contest ,but we only offer a feature of the winning deviation on our front page .

The activity will last for two weeks . The deadline will be Friday , November  22nd ,  So make sure to submit your entry before that date to be eligible for voting .

You can submit as many entries as you want .

We’ll make a poll of the entries which will last for one week ,then we’ll feature the winning drawings for another one week ,God willing .

Parenthood Lite by Abfc  Have Fun , and Love your family :cuddlechild: by stuck-in-suburbia

Peace be upon you .



Family by BlissfullySarcastic Entries :

 Light Of Happines by affiqahchan My sister and I by SoftBlueClouds Those Happy Times by kiraruun Family: My sister and I part 2 by SoftBlueClouds His Time has Come - A Father's Love by SirImran It's her time - A Mother's Love by SirImran :thumb413898331:  True Happiness by ainosora

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