These are the results of the Bleach FanArt Contest!

1st place – Entry 4. – by ~SmartChocoBear

2nd Place – Entry 3. – by ~DimaRuh AND Entry 1. – 3m0cLoWn

3rd Place – Entry 6. – by ~kurosaki-yon

I loved all of the entries so much and they were all creative and unique.  Thank you everyone who participated.  You’ve made me and I’m sure a lot of other people happy ^_^ thank you
I hope you all keep participating because its really fun seeing all the creative drawings you come up with

  • Every person who participated in this contest MUST vote or their entry will be invalid even if they win
  • You cannot do that for yourself
  • We do this so we can get feedback on why you think your choice is the one that should be the winner. Without your reasoning your vote does not mean much to us. With the info in your votes we may be able to have a better judgment on deciding who should be the winner. So tell us WHY your selected entry should win.
  • To VOTE, send us a NOTE, titled ‘BLEACH FanArt VOTE’ – If you chose to change the title to something else, that is fine but there is a small chance that your vote might get lost and if it is titled something else, I may not be able to find it.
  • Voting is in place until December 7th

(All people who submitted a deviation for this contest must to vote.  You cannot vote for yourself though.)

Disclaimer – These entries only represent the views of the authors and artists.  They do not represent the views of Muslim-Manga (group).

1.  Yoruichi… by 3m0cLoWn

:thumb142474333:  :icon3m0clown:

2.  Uryū and Ichigo… by poochiechan

Muslim-Manga Bleach Contest by poochiechan  :iconpoochiechan:

3.  Kensei Muguruma from the Vizards… by DimaRuh

:thumb143024043:  :icondimaruh:

4.… – by SmartChocoBear

M-M Bleach Contest- Got Goats by SmartChocoBear  :iconsmartchocobear:

5.  primera-espada-stark.deviantar… – by Imperius-Rex

2009: Starrk and Lilynette by Imperius-Rex  :iconimperius-rex:

6.… – by kurosaki-yon

at tokyo mosque. by kurosaki-yon  :iconkurosaki-yon:


November 1st to November 30th

  • 1st – Full view Feature on Muslim Manga for two weeks
  • 2nd – Feature on MM for one week
  • 3rd – Feature on MM for one week
Short Rules
  • Be creative
  • No profanity
  • No nudity
  • Multiple entries allowed
  • [You] Must be a member of Muslim-Manga
  • Make it in Anime / Manga style
  • Put the word “Muslim-Manga” in it
  • Include a Link to Muslim-Manga on deviantart
  • Must have Bleach characters in it
    – Must look finished. Which means it does not have to be colored, but it should look finished

Create a fanArt of a character that you like from the Bleach anime or manga and make the characters Muslim. For example if you were going to do Orohime from Bleach, give her an orange hijab (covering her Orange hair) and make sure her clothes are covered properly. Make sure it looks Islamic and appropriate.  I don’t want to see 20 deviations all about Orohime, so be creative. There are tons of other characters you could draw.  Please be creative and be extra creative and be super extra creative!

Make sure to include what character from what Anime/ Manga you are drawing [in the note when you submit it]. You cannot draw from anime/manga that are about profanity.

Also, include text in there like “For Muslim-Manga” and a Link to Muslim-Manga’s Deviantart Page  (

If you have any questions, please ask.


When submitting deviations for this event you should title them:
“Muslim-Manga Bleach Contest – [you can put what ever else you want here]”
After that, note us at Muslim Manga with the title being “Bleach FanArt”

If you chose to change the title to something else, that is fine but there is a small chance that your vote might get lost and if it is titled something else, I may not be able to find it.

(Sometimes there may be a link at the top of the link to submit your deviations.  You may use it as long as it is there to send the note for this contest)

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