As many of you know, Aya, and Sura have made a club in their high school called Muslim Manga because they want to use the power of manga to tell people about Islam.  Now they need your help to continue running their club.
Sign Up here if you want to help Muslim Manga:

Aya and Sura want to make a big club, so they will need a lot of teammates.

Now, what about the contest?  Well.. here we go…


1) Draw an entry of yourself helping Aya and Sura in their Muslim Manga club Aya and Sura are in Japan, but you don’t have to be in Japan in your drawing, unless you want to.
2) Draw Aya, Sura, or Poji, or all of those characters
3) No profanity
4) Be creative with how you help.  May you’re an artist.  Maybe you help organize club meetings.  Maybe you’re the one who invites others to join the Muslim Manga Club..
5) IMPORTANT!! Make sure that your drawing follows the group’s Submission Rules. Otherwise your drawing will be denied.
6) You can submit as many entries as you want. Only one entry can win though!
7) We’ll make a poll of the entries which will last for one week
8) Make sure to submit your entry before that date to be eligible for voting.
9) Put a link to your deviation in a comment on this journal so that we can keep track of it as well as feature it in this journal.
11) More Rules may be added

About Aya, Sura, and Poji:

About Poji:…

MM 6th Anniversary:…

5th Anniversary:………

Aya The Superhero:…

Sura The Superhero:…

Aya starts the Muslim Manga Club:…

Aya and her Friends:…

Aya likes Mangos:…

How to submit:

Send your submission to [email protected]

  • If on deviantArt, submit to the “contests” folder”
  • If submitting on deviantart, mention “For Muslim Manga Contest” in the text section of the submission



The winner gets
a drawing illustrated by AraceliEstrellaEme
a drawing illustrated by nrvrl
a pixel doll by mengky335


November 27th  2015 :star: extended to 24 December 2015.:star:


If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments, or on, on or send us an email at [email protected]

You may also send us a note at  Muslim-Manga

Do you need more info about Muslim Manga?
Find our more here:


ayaSuraJapan by IBN96

Join Muslim Manga! by Lia-680

Join Us! by Muhnaa

Sura,Poji and Aya ! by tulipbirumiaw

Contest Entry: Join us by CorintoLuli


Join Us! by Muhnaa

To view the poll, go here:…

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