When will the Adopt-A-Manga section be open?

The Adopt-A-Manga section should be open now.  If you have any problems, please let us know.

What is it?

Adop-A-Manga is an area on this group where people who write but do not draw at all, or people who draw, but do not draw in manga style can submit their stories or comics and another artist who can draw in manga style adopts their story or comics and makes it into a manga.
(We would appreciate it if the manga goes from right to left because that is how original Japanese manga is drawn in)

Non-Manga Comics – muslim-manga.deviantart.com/fa…

Manga Stories – muslim-manga.deviantart.com/fa…

How it works…

Once the story/comic is submitted to the adopt-a-manga section, a manga artist can come and adopt it, but before they do that, they must send a note to Muslim-Manga and letting us know.  Once we receive a note, we will place that story/comic in the ‘work in progress’ section, meaning no one else can work on that story or comic.  After a certain period of time, if no results are provided, we will take the comic or story out of the ‘work in progress’ section and place it back in the adopt-a-manga section where a new artist can create a manga for it.  So if you’re not ready to work on the story, don’t adopt it.

Both the writer/comic artist and the manga artist must agree that the manga artist will contact Muslim-Manga before working together on the manga.  If you don’t contact Muslim-Manga, we may have many different people illustrating the same comic or story.

PLEASE follow the rules and contact us before you ‘adopt’ the story or comic.  Once you do that we will move it to another folder called ‘in Process’.  Stories or Comics in process are not available for adoption, because another artist is already working on them
When Done…

Once the completed manga is provided and submitted to Muslim-Manga we may take the original story or comic out of the adopt-a-manga section.  It would be nice if you could leave a link to the original story / comic in your cover page.

What can I submit to Adopt-A-Manga?

Stories or Comics about an Islamic lesson that Muslims can learn from

Stories or Comics about a political situation that Muslims face- whether being profiled or attacked, or other such things

Maybe historical stories- read below to find out more

What about Historical Stories?

Well Historical stories, can be controversial and biased towards one sect and I don’t want to deal with that now-  There are a lot of other things to do a story, a comic, or a manga over.

If you have a historical story or comic about something that you feel won’t be different among different sects , then note Muslim-Manga and we can discuss it.

Other Genres

You can probably do stories or comics on a lot of different genres of manga as long as they are Islamic, appropriate and about Muslims in a good way.  Ask before you submit or start working on it.

Keep this in mind

Keep the following in mind when creating a story, comic, or manga.
Your characters and your story should probably be about people trying to improve themselves spiritually.  We won’t accept stories with sacrilegious characters who are kind of Muslim, unless they learn and become better Muslims.  Why?  I thought you can’t force your religion on somebody in Islam.  Yes that is true, but we are not forcing anyone religiously;  it is ultimately your own decision whether to be religious or not.  But just because of that, it does not mean we will let you post anti-religious stories, comics, or mangas in a religious group.  Ultimately, one of the goals of Muslim-Manga is to make us better Muslims, so we have to put a perfect example for others to follow.  There is no point in putting a bad example for others to follow and we won’t allow it.

What languages can we submit our stories and comics in?

The original must be in English, whether it’s an adopt-a-manga comic or not, because we can’t tell if it is sacrilegious if it is in another language.  The mangas should also be in English.  Once the English version is submitted, translation of it can be submitted to the other languages section of Muslim-Manga

By the way: If you prefer challenges and contests, please visit events.

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