It’s the 2012 Anniversary Activity, Assalaam wa Alaykum everyone!
We would like to thank everyone who made a submission for this activity.  We really appreciated all  of your artworks.  If you still want to submit an artwork for Muslim Manga, you can.  You are welcome to submit artworks for Muslim Manga at anytime.  Thank you everyone!

May 1st 2009 is when this group was started on DeviantArt.  The Muslim Manga site has been around before that, but it was after this group was started that the site became more productive. (Check out the site at So we want to have a 2012 Anniversary Activity.  This is not as big as contests are, but at the very least we will feature the winners on the front page of this deviantart group.   Prize OK, so If there was an entry that was really good, I am thinning of putting it as the facebook cover image for a few weeks.  (You can check out our facebook page at

So do a drawing for Muslim Manga before May 1st.  Be creative.  Nothing rude is accepted.  If you want to do something, but can’t think of an idea, post a comment on the group front page and someone can give you an idea.
Something you can include are Ayeh, maybe Ayeh and her friends, your original character with Ayeh, or maybe include your character with a banner saying Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary. Have fun!!

Please submit to “For Muslim Manga” Folder and post a link to your drawing here

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