20 K Drawing Contest

Let us celebrate the 20 K Subscribers on Webtoon with a Drawing Contest!

  • The contest will end April the 14th 2020 (EST Time)
  • Prize: A copy of the Manga Hunger x Hunter on Comixology made by Zhar and Hamed Nouri
  • Submissions must be respectful and not stray towards any inappropriate content (in terms of language, message, or obscenity).
  • Present your work in English if there is text (other languages are welcome, as long as translations are provided).
  • Include the following somewhere on your submission: Name and the name of the contest it is being entered for.
  • Coloured pictures are not a must, if your artstyle does not require it.
  • No plagiarism of other works
  • Please follow the general submission rules described above and under “Submissions”. Questions are welcome.
  • Attach your submission right here on this page of the website in the comment section.
  • Multiple entries are allowed, but please submit only one artwork per attachement.
  • For Digital Submissions: You may use jpeg, png, or pdf file. Ensure that it is easy to open and does not require a specific software to run it.
  • For Traditional Submissions : You may scan and send them as any of the above file types. You can also take a picture of your submission. Rules for the Pictures:
    • Make them easy to view for every detail (not taken from too far away or from too close)
    • Get them under good lighting, so that no part of your picture is clouded by shadow or lit too brightly to see.
    • Ensure any text or phrase is legible.
    • Make the coloration / any additional features of your image easy to view.
  • Entries will be judged primarily based on creativity, quality of Manga constructed (ex. clear, neat pictures, engaging premise), and correlation with theme.
  • Remember, submit the entry for the contest ON TIME.



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