Sura and Cat

Nyahaha! I got you now you will never be able to escape! +w+ what?! =3= I am just explaining what is going in the thumbnail that is all! don’t judge me! =x=; so what If I want to do this! oh well, at least sura would understand.

I wonder what sura think about that cat? is sura going to hug them? or is just going to ignore them?! o.o? I NEED TO KNOW XoX, I must check out this comic to find out!!!






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  • That’s so cute. I read some Indonesian manga but these comics differ from them. This is something special and unique. I’d love to support this project. I’m from Turkey, I like drawing in Anime style and my goal is going and becoming a manga artist in Japan. So I’d like to be in your team, also I can translate your projects into Turkish(Turkey or Azerbaijan dialects) or Arabic.

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