Nao and Cat

Neko ?… Cats are really cute little creatures that roam around the streets sometimes, what will happen if you found one on the streets? Will you start chasing one until you can catch it and hug it and give it love or just ignore it and walk away like a horrible heartless person =3= You should be ashamed of calling yourself a cat lover…. just kidding! ^3^

You don’t really need to do all that to love cats. I mean some of them are always around garbage so I don’t really want you to get dirty or have some sort of bacteria or disease or even get scratched and bleed out =3=; Feel free to look at them or even talk to them instead., just don’t scare them. You know they can protect themselves, if they feel threatened, but enough with all that nonsense chatter =3=; I don’t want pitch forks and flames from people who actually are crazy about cats… Just scroll down and look at the comic to see what Nao does, when she sees a cat!




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