Saviour is an action Manga about a brother and sister trying their hardest to rid the world of evils. Art and Story made by ‘Lavendra’, this action-packed, short Manga will excite you while leaving an important message in your mind!


Saviour: Chapter chapter-one - Page 2

Saviour: Chapter chapter-one - Page 3

Saviour: Chapter chapter-one - Page 4

Saviour: Chapter chapter-one - Page 5

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  • Very good but the idea about siblings is forbidden in islam .you can make them married or make them a brother and sister

  • Dear Lord, I’m speechless of how well thought and amazingly drawn it is O.o

  • I’d definitely would like to see a continuing storyboard development, i.e. their background, why the were tasked with such a mission, how did the demons come about and who are the demons, etc. This has a great premise. If the artist could get together with a writer and work on the characters, this would easily generate years of content.

  • very good , i like the clothese of the girls it is coooool

  • masyaallah bagus
    April 2, 2020 1:56 am

    masyaallah bagus

  • toooooo shoooooort……………………

  • the boy is look like Squall Leonhart. But they are cool anyway. Hope they will be some icons and have other adventures =)


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