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6.11 ???

Cigarette Love

Sobri and Esah

6.10 New Friend

6.9 Welcome to Mitendo

6.8 Kawaii Little Toy

6.7 Too Fabulous

6.6 Show Off

6.5 Mystery Buy

muslim drama comics and manga novels

Hana & Love Chapter 1: Complete

6.4 A New Member…

Hana & Love Chapter 1 Part 3

6.3 What’s This?

6.2 New Stuff

6.1 Almost Time

Muslims siblings struggling in Gaza Palestine comic


Hana & Love Chapter 1 Part 2

Romance Islamic comic

Hana & Love 4koma Episode 0

Hana & Love Chapter 1 Part 1

Project MIC 2020

5.13 Aya’s Amulet

5.12 Poji’s Discovery

5.11 Unexpected Exam Results

5.10 Encouragement

Muslim Comics character Aya

5.9 Aya’s Dilemma

5.8 Who is She Really???

Muslim character Isa

5.7 The Kendo Sword

5.6 Kendoman

53. Special Ramadan: Ramadan Vibes

52. Special Ramadan: First Ramadan

A Tale of Nobody Chapter 1

51. Special Ramadan: Super Power

50. Are You Ready?

49. Talk About Wish

Hungry X Hunter Preview

48. Grocery Shopping

47. Group Chat

46. Want to Eat Together – Part 2

5.5 The Hero

5.4 Clumsiness

5.3 Poji’s Nakama

Underwater Fantasy

Islamic Comic “The Boy and the Bear”

The Promised Dragon

Sensei and Cat

Sura and Cat

Aya and Cat

45. Want to Eat Together – Part 1

44. Emotional Prayer

Mr.Onigiri x Muslim Manga: Episode 1

43. Q and A With Zhar 2

42. Hug or Handshake?

5.2 The MMC Members in Poji’s Eyes

5.1 The Olden Days

4.12 Dark Fate

4.11 Isa Joins the Club!

4.10 New Member???

4.9 Aachhoo!

4.8 Stretch (Part 2)

41. Under My Hijab

Nao and Cat

The Pious Student Cover

The Pious Student II

40. Keep Calm and Pray

4.7 Isa’s Club Choice

4.5 Tomodachi Time

New Year New Aya

That’s why you should…

Muslim Manga Club Q & A

Mr.Onigiri x Muslim Manga: Teaser

4.4 Isa Uses Smooth Attack

39. Late

38. Gummy Bears

4.3 Bearded Rival Appears

4.2 Poji Used Sneak Attack

37. Spot the Hijab


4.1 Bearded Rival


Fun Puns with Aya: Kagome cleans clothes

When Episodes delay

One Mans Curse…

cat and prayer mat thumbnail

36. Cat and Prayer Mat

Fun Puns: Love and Naruto

3.13 Club Advisor

35. Keeping a Cat

3.12 The Summary

3.11 The Deal

34. Q and A With Zhar

3.10 Condition

Q and A with MMC MEMBERS

3.9 Busted

Sport Speech

Sport Day – Red Team vs Blue Team

Ayas Secret Announcement

Violence is Not Normal

Natsume Yuujinchou Fan Art

Fun Puns Sura

I Slam it!


Fun Puns: Islamb

3.8 Limit

3.7 Papers

3.6 Turtle Lovers Club

3.5 Sensei Overload

3.4 The Caring Sensei

Fun Puns: Sensei

serious 1

Fun Puns: Serious

yugi uh-oh 1

Yugi Uh Oh

the passionate sensei thumbnail

3.3 The Passionate Sensei

Podcast Late

Muslim Mama Comics Iftar

Fun Puns: Dates Pun

Fun Puns: Japan Pun

Aya and TikaToon

Fun Puns: Ramadan Pun

Q and A with Sura and Aya

the kind sensei thumbnail

3.2 The Kind Sensei

33. You are Never Alone

32. Ninja Bro

31. The Ninja Way

30. Children See Children Do

the new sensei thumbnail

3.1 The New Sensei

Sports Festival Part 1

Fun Puns: Wudhu

keep it genki shirts 1

Keep It Genki Shirt

Fun Puns: Salam

Dress up With Poji Part 2

fun puns: thanks for the bag 1

Fun Puns: Thanks for the

dress poji_thumbnail

Dress Poji

mmc official thumbnail

2.12 MMC Official

naos resolve thumbnail

2.11 Naos Resolve

naos fear thumbnail

2.10 Naos Fear

29. Salam

please join thumbnail

2.9 Please Join

hope thumbnail

2.8 Hope

forgotten thumbnail

2.7 Forgotten

friend thumbnail

2.6 Friend

nekoman thumbnail

2.5 Nekoman

join us thumbnail

2.4 Join Us

2.3 Manga Queen

28. Muslim Language

27. Greeting A Fellow Muslim

26. Precious Bean

25. Did I Or Didnt I

24. Being the Only Muslim

23. Wudhu in Public Places

water wasalam_thumbnail

Fun Puns: Water

two young men named aslam and seth

Fight for Truth

hatred cover


encounter 1



the hikmah cover

Islamic Comic “The Hikmah”

changing colors cover

Islamic Comic “Changing Colors”

22. Late for Sahoor


The Pious Student

21. Cake

20. Taqwa

19. Journey of a Muslim Ramadan Special Welcome Back

17. Journey of a Muslim My Sunshine

2.2 Still Alone

2.1 Alone

1.12 Unexpected Alliance

1.11 She Knows

1.10 Young and Hip

1.9 Stretch

1.8 Mintendo Shop

1.7 The Fourth Member

1.6 Lesson Learned

1.5 Everyone Loves Cookie King

16. Beard Part 2

1.4 Surprise Invitation

15. Ninja Friend Part 3

1.3 Poster

14. Ninja Friend Part 2

1.2 Muslim Manga Part 2

13. Ninja Friend Part 1

1.1 Muslim Manga Club

United Heroes

12. Hijab

11. Hair

the return 1


refugee olympics cover

Refugee Olympics

Life of a Muslim in Japan

Harmony in Difference

Unity of Voice

Once Upon A Ramadhan

10. DotDotDot

9. Ears

8. Hear No Evil

7. Autocorrect

6. Cat

5. Alhamdulillah

4. Ninja

3. Salah

2. Beard

Call For Prayer by Nisrina Salsabila

Unity by Miki Miki

Islamic Unity by Nijie

Stand Up by Hiikariee OVO

All For One by Akirapyon

Unity of Muslims by Adeebah Hilyah




Did you Thank God for Your Eyesight?

Understanding or Misunderstanding

Seven Wonders of the World

Quran – webcomic


Offering Salam


May the Peace be with you


Waking Up


Morning Tea


Muslims in the Neighborhood

Huda Chapter 2- Huda and the Quran

samurai akiyama preview

Samurai Akiyama Chapter 2 Pilot Story

Hana & Her Love Chapter 2 – The Girl in Disguise

A Letter for you; Perhaps_cover

A Letter for you; Perhaps

Unity by Nabilah Binti Tajiddin

United for Humanity


Wiggle Wisaal

You Are My Destiny

United We Stand

The Sign

The Reason

The Old Cookie Lover

The Non Savy Non Commuter

The Muslims

The Highest Koganemi

The Dried Leaves

School Days


Samurai Akiyama Pilot Story

Lovely Layla


Legend of the Red Girl

Karzuya Awakes the Thief


Journey of a Muslim (Pilot Chapter)

Izzas Journey

Is it too late to Fast?

Huda Chapter 1- Preparing For Ramadhan

himawari cover


Hijabee’s Blues

Fasting Tomorrow

Best Friends


Because We Are

An Enlightening Lesson

A Change To Fisabilillah


The All Rounder


Personal Conversation

Exam Week

When God Closes a Door

Bad Habits

Life Must Go On

where is ctrl z key?

How Mom Says “I Love You”

Hana & Her Love Chapter 1

1. What do you see

The Heart of Fawwaz


Ice Cream Test






Abir Sharafs Story

Why Hijab?

Aware of Kidnappers