Fun Water Pun with Aya! Share your best silly jokes with us in the comments and please share this water joke with your friends!

water wasalam1

water wasalam2

WaSalam is a silly Comic series. Aya, Sura and the gang share their funnier moments with puns, jokes, and goofy faces. In addition to that, they also share important messages with their friends and you. “WaSalam” is a pun using “Wa” and “Salam” which mean peace in Japanese and Arabic respectively. Additionally, it is the respond to “Salam” as a greeting in Arabic.

The series has multiple segments which include Fanarts of the characters with other characters or personalities, as well as comics with various messages. Sometimes they talk to you, our readers, and have q and a sessions.

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  • OMG AYA.

  • Worried reader
    April 18, 2020 1:10 pm

    Reading puns are so fun? like sensei pun,japan pun japun pun etc. But please don’t make puns with religious things?It makes us feel uncomfortable?PLEASE read this⬇
    ?Those who continue to make fun of religion do not stay with them. It is stated in the Quran that:
    (The faces of those who make up lies against Allah will be black in the apocalypse.) [Zümer 60]
    It’s important❗.I like muslim manga? and I’m worried for you guys.?Maybe you didn’t mean to do that but please be more carefull.May Allah-u ta’ala bless you?

  • @worried reader no need to freak out so much this is more like something you’d say to a little kid it’s not like they’re making fun of anything of Islam just of the water smh
    @author this is so cute. I love love puns and these make me laugh so much thank you

  • Lol This was the ting that put a smile on my face, jazkalla

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