What is this comic about?

This is a sidestory to our other slife-of-life comic, Muslim Manga Club, using many of theme characters. The original story is already pretty silly and comedic. The point of the WaSalaam series is to be even more silly and yet relatable too. We have episodes with puns, episodes with challenges, and more.

This comic series is currently mainly being distributed on our social networking channels. So make sure to be following us everywhere you can find us. Twitter, Instagram, facebook, etc. @MuslimManga


Where to Read

Muslim Manga: http://MuslimManga.org/comics/wasalam

Patreon:  patreon.com/MuslimManga

Instagram: @MuslimManga

Webtoons: here


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This series has multiple types of episodes within the series. Some of the episodes are basically riddles or puns that Aya asks Sura and then delivers the punchline in a separate panel. Sura is usually in shock of the punchline and isn’t often impressed with this silly side of Aya.

Another type of episode is when Aya and or other characters from the series interact with other popular characters or people. Additionally, sometimes the characters cover series topics of current events.


Learn more about the characters by visiting the about characters page


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