New Year New Aya

New Year, New Aya?! What?! Is Aya finally going to be a brand new personality?! I wonder what her new thing is going to be?! OwO Is she doing a New Year’s resolution?! I wonder what it is?! I am pretty sure it’s going to be great! Yeah, a very cool thing indeed! I always looked up to her in everything! ^3^/

Anyways we would love to hear your opinion. Does anyone have any New Year’s resolution? I hope you will be able to complete it for the next year… I am not going to spoil anything to you, so you can enjoy the comic :3 Good luck and I hope you enjoy!





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WaSalam is a silly Comic series. Aya, Sura and the gang share their funnier moments with puns, jokes, and goofy faces. In addition to that, they also share important messages with their friends and you. “WaSalam” is a pun using “Wa” and “Salam” which mean peace in Japanese and Arabic respectively. Additionally, it is the respond to “Salam” as a greeting in Arabic.

The series has multiple segments which include Fanarts like “That’s why you should…” or other characters and personalities, as well as comics with various messages. Sometimes they talk to you, our readers, and have q and a sessions.

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