Fun Dates Pun with Aya! We have another Ramadan joke too. Look through our profile. You’ll find it 🙂

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dates pun 1

dates pun 2

WaSalam is a silly Comic series. Aya, Sura and the gang share their funnier moments with puns, jokes, and goofy faces. Like “Dates Pun”. In addition to that, they also share important messages with their friends and you. “WaSalam” is a pun using “Wa” and “Salam” which means peace in Japanese and Arabic respectively. Additionally, it is the respond to “Salam” as a greeting in Arabic.

The series has multiple segments which include Fanarts of the characters with other characters or personalities, as well as comics with various messages. Sometimes they talk to you, our readers, and have q and a sessions.

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