Late-Comic is not to be confused with “Journey of a Muslim, Episode 39, Late“. Though we may consider them kind of similar ?


The 5 Grades of Prayer

Grade E
– When the Adhan is calling, you keep ignoring it or are still busy cooking and continue cooking or are busy with social media and continue with social media, or are busy watching tv and continue watching tv and so on.

Grade D
– When the Adhan is calling, you decrease the volume of the tv or the radio but continue with your activities.

Grade C
– When the Adhan is calling, you do Wudhu and pray.

Grade B
– When the Adhan is calling, you do Wudhu and go to the Masjid to pray.

Grade A
– When the Adhan is calling, you have already done Wudhu and stay ready in the Masjid for the prayer.

What are our grades of the prayers?
– We’d like to hit an A in the exams. What about our prayers?
Remember! Prayer is the 1st thing that will be asked during Judgement Day.
Take care of your prayers and everything will be taken care of. InshaAllah!

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