Journey of a Muslim, Episode 39

For the topic of Late: Fajr is the morning Salah (prayer) Muslims need to wake up to. It is one of the mandatory five prayers per day. Sometimes you wake up in the morning not realizing what is around you or what time it is. So you think everything is ok, but then you come back to your senses and realize you’re late for Fajr. Or worse: You missed it!

This happens when you don’t sleep early, which is why it’s a good idea to go early to bed. Additional help to get up for Fajr of course is the alarm clock or/and having someone to wake you up!


JOAM series: “Late”. Humans can be quite alike in this world, because it depends on our own stories, which can be very subtle and does often not get noticed by us simple people. So for example; ever turned over your pillow to get the cold side? Muslims share those kinds of things too! We too face a variety of struggles, some may be funny and others may be quite serious. JOAM looks to shed light on these moments, showing a humorous side to these situations. So have a look and we hope it is as relatable to you as it is to us!

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