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New Manga: Samurai Akiyama

Samurai Akiyama is set in an alternative history of Japan in the 1590s in which Muslims are present; however, the Muslims are hunted down by the government.

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Member of the Month: Zhar

Zhar is one of Muslim Manga most talented artist. Her drawing style is very cute, colorful and full of expression. However, it is not only her artistic talent that we praise, rather her administrative skills too. She is currently a Captain inside the Muslim Manga staff. Without her skills and effort, we would not be the same.

Feel free to check some of her artwork on his portfolio page. In there, you will find not only her beautiful artworks but also her one-shot manga issues and webcomics. Do not forget to ask for a commission as well on our commission’s page. She will be glad to be at your service!

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Manga Organization & Covers

One problem that we thought could be a possible inconvenience was that of the lack of organization of our mangas, fan art, and stories. We have now introduced a much better organization method that will have cover photos of the manga, competitions, and stories along with a manga reader that will make reading manga much more convenient. The manga reader is still a beta feature, so if you see any problems using it just let us know and we will try to fix it to the best of our knowledge.

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What our Fans say about us

This website and community are great! I tell all my friends about it and when I want to show any of my non-muslim friends any stories regarding Islamic concepts that they don’t know about like hijab or fasting. I will always support you guys!

Noor M., 16 Years Old

I have only been following this website for the past year, but I have had so much fun being here and I have found a new hobby in drawing manga now! I always wanted to see what a muslim Pokemon trainer would look like! I hope you guys make more manga and contests!

Mohammad K., 17 Years Old

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