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Featured Manga: The Heart of Fawwaz

Fawwaz is a new transfer student in Shiraki High school.  And guess what.    He’s Muslim.  Check out his adventures in Japan as a Muslim.  Begin your Muslim Manga reading experience with The Heart of Fawwaz – chapter 1, The Dangerous Transfer Student.

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New Manga Features

We have now introduced a more organized manga showcase which encompasses manga covers, competitions and stories as well as a new manga reader!

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What our Fans say about us

This website and community are great! I tell all my friends about it and when I want to show any of my non-muslim friends any stories regarding Islamic concepts that they don’t know about like hijab or fasting. I will always support you guys!

Noor M., 16 Years Old

I have only been following this website for the past year, but I have had so much fun being here and I have found a new hobby in drawing manga now! I always wanted to see what a muslim Pokemon trainer would look like! I hope you guys make more manga and contests!

Mohammad K., 17 Years Old

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