A Tale of Nobody Chapter 1. Being used to live in a city is one thing. But what if you’re forced to live temporary in a village despite never had to live in one before? Feel free to read a “Tale of a Nobody Chapter 1” to give yourself an idea. Please read from right to left.

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  • Really good manga! An easy to follow storyboard and characters full of life, nice job.

  • That was honestly really relateable. I wasn’t expecting it to enjoy it that much but I really did. I know in my culture parents often send their kids ‘Back home’ (meaning the village) when they are often seen as too much of a hassle. The parents believe it will instill more humility in them by lettjng them stay there for a year or so.

    I often visit my parents village a lot in family visits and the part in the manga which mentioned about the plugs haha that was sooo relateable!! We also have two pin plugs too.

    The village is often seen as a step back in time, but I kind of love it. It’s very calm and relaxing and not so busy as the city. And the people there are often very kind and laid back, like the manga mentioned about how they care about you even if they don’t know you. That is very true.

    Overall that was great and I really enjoyed it. 🙂

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