Nur.City – community and at times role playing game

Welcome to Nur City!

An imaginative corner of the online world, where we help Aya and Sura save the rest of the world by being creative, writing stories, making games, and just having fun with each other. Join the community and start making long lasting friendships today!

The goal of Nur City is to be a city of light to the people who want to learn about Muslims and Islam. So all activities are to be made with this in mind.

This could mean that if the inevitable happens, we might have to start over again and again. Hopefully that never happens, but don’t be too annoyed if it ever does.

In Nur City, the citizens communicate with each other and discovering different types of art. The best art is that which comes out of collaboration with people who want to achieve the same dream. Our dream is to create Islamic art that will connect not only with Muslims but also with non-Muslims. If your dream is that, then please join us!

We like to have word games, Q&A sections and celebrations. Our most popular word game is “Let’s write Haiku!” Started in January of 2018, this game has continued and it’s still being played by our fellow citizens. Come play with us.

If you have any questions or any comment you would like to share with Nur city, don’t hesitate. You can apply for citizenship.  It’s free!

Project Description

The goal of Nur City to is to be a city of light to the people who want to learn about Muslims and Islam.

Project Details

  • Client: Muslim Manga
  • Date: October 26, 2016
  • Category: community website
  • Website:

Project Participants

  • Director: Smiley
  • Manager: Ruha
  • Contributor: Nur
  • Contributor: Zhar
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