Project Yakisoba 2020

Project Yakisoba 2020 by school club Yakisoba: Here are the results! The members of this club called the Yakisobatists have worked/discussed together to finish the video in time. Thank you for your hard work dear students of Nur University and thank you dear visiters who have joined us at the festival!

Before the club president streamed the baking session, he shared with us pictures of exotic dishes and we had to guess their non-english names.

And now please enjoy the video made by Yakisoba’s Club President Mahad

Nur.City: A place for the Community of and by MuslimManga has opened its door on Discord for anyone!

Club President Mahad: “I’ll record a video of me baking cookies and we’ll stream it.”

Club President Mahad: “Also dont forget to share the cookies.”

Thank you to everyone who has worked on this project:

  • Mahad
  • Ashenat
  • Strawberry
Nurizen Beyzanur: “Wooaahh, they look better than I’ve imagined!”
Nurizen Hanabi: *Stomach growls*
Nurizen Beardinal: “Gonna go buy some Magikarp steaks~”

Please enjoy the results of other Nur City Festival projects and we hope we’ll see you live at the potential next Festival as a visitor or even as a new citizen of Nur City!

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