Project Photography 2020

Project Photography 2020 by school club Photography: Here are the results! The members of this club called the Photographers have worked/discussed together to finish the photos game. Thank you for your hard work dear students of Nur University and thank you dear visiters who have joined us at the festival!

Feel free to wonder where these photos were taken, which were collected by the club members. These were used for the guessing game at the festival. Can you guess the locations?

San Blas Islands, Panama
Sana_s Garden, London, UK
Selimiye Mosque and Mevlana Museum, Konya, Turkey
Badshahi Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan
CC Market Plaza, Costa Verde, La Chorrera, Panama
Church Maria from Siege, Vienna, Austria
Dhadimagi Kilhi lakes in Fuvahmulah, Maldives
Gates of Heaven, Bali, Indonesia
Istanbul, Turkey
Sinamale Bridge, Maldives
Sunway Resort Lagoon Hotel, Malaysia
The seaside, London, UK
Kobe, Japan
Konya Culture Park, Konya
London, UK
London, UK
Miniso in Panama
Mostar Bridge, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tokyo Camii Mosque, Japan
Tokyo, Japan

Nur.City: A place for the Community of and by MuslimManga has opened its door on Discord for anyone!

Club Advisor Slayer: “WALAAYKUMASALAAM
Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!
In order to celebrate the theme of “Unity Within Diversity’, Photography Club decided that both club members and visitors will send pictures to do with our different cultures/lifestyles/countries etc, and everyone will have to guess where each picture is from (can be vague or specific e.g. a mosque/ London city). Thus, uniting the club together in a fun activity that also reminds us of the diverse backgrounds we come from)”

Thank you to everyone who has worked on this project:

  • Peachy
  • Eru
  • Beyzanur
  • Sannamon Roll
  • Hamed
  • Slayer
  • Cacti

Nurizen CountNoobula: “Oh my word what on earth… Uhhh”

Photographer Beyzanur: “The moon doesn’t show itself only at night.
A human must look more carefully…
But looking isn’t enough because looking is not seeing. There are differences…”

Please enjoy the results of other Nur City Festival projects and we hope we’ll see you live at the potential next Festival as a visitor or even as a new citizen of Nur City!

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