Project Creative Writing 2020

Project Creative Writing 2020 by school club Creative Writing: Here are the results! The members of this club called the Creative Writers have worked together to finish these beautiful poems in time. Thank you for your hard work dear students of Nur University and thank you dear visiters who have joined us at the festival!

Please enjoy these creative writings by Nur City’s very own poets!

By Beardinal
By Aamna
By Cacti
By Sannamon Roll
By Titania
Voice of the Poets

Nur.City: A place for the Community of and by MuslimManga has opened its door on Discord for anyone!

Thank you to everyone who has worked on this project:

  • Beardinal
  • Aamna
  • Cacti
  • Sannaman Roll
  • Titania

Nurizen Slayer:


Unified no matter the time
We can hear it loud and clear, the chime
Don’t worry about the tough path ahead
Even if there will be many tears we must shed
Join hands and hold the torch of light
Stick together and show off our might
With unity, we can show what is right
We will not back down from the fight”

Nurizen Slayer:


Diversity, the core strength of our hearts
Piercing the darkness like heated darts
They try to make us think our diversified power is a liability
But the truth is, they are blind to such a wonderful reality
Instead of focusing on the the bad in each others souls
Why not pull out the good and use it to plug the holes
So come forth, embrace the differences that make us who we are
Share with the world and show them that we are no broken car; indeed we will go far”

Nurizen Slayer:

“Unified and Diversified

As I dive into the sea that is university
I can truly experience the vast diversity
But at the same time, all are students, all are unified
One and the same, struggling through exams until we’ve all cried
Yet all different in their own unique way
That is the beauty of being human everyday
So why can’t others understand? It’s much more logicial to just join hands
This rings true not only in school, but in every aspect of life, so don’t sit there watching in the stands”

Please enjoy the results of other Nur City Festival projects and we hope we’ll see you live at the potential next Festival as a visitor or even as a new citizen of Nur City!

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