Here is a Patreon Reward Overhaul:

patreon reward overhaul 1


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We’d like to announce changes we made to our Patreon rewards, therefore please slide through the images to see what has changed in each reward tier. In order to deliver cool reward to you, we have changed the tiers, as a token of our gratitude for supporting us.
We create high quality Manga with Muslim character, since we think this is a valuable endeavor. If you share this view, please consider contributing, so that we can keep creating content like this. Without you, we can’t keep this up. We’d also appreciate, if you share this post with as many of your friends and family as you can! Thank you.

Now let’s go to the Patreon Reward Overhaul!

patreon reward overhaul 2


• Early access to Webcomics (JOAM, MMC, WaSalam, etc.)
* Shoutout on SNS
• Access to Poji Tower on Discord.

patreon reward overhaul 3


• With all rewards above
* And monthly illustration
• WIPs.

patreon reward overhaul 4


• All the rewards above
* Monthly downloadable line art for coloring.

patreon reward overhaul 5

You’re a Hero!:

  * Including all the rewards above
• Speedpainting video
* Downloadable Phone wallpaper of MM characters.
• LIMITED TIME Special Offer: icon / avatar of you. Offer ends November the second of twenty nineteen.

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You’re not limited on pledging these amounts, because you can do a pledge with any other amount as well and you are not committing yourself to anything. If you decide to, you can cancel your monthly pledges anytime.
Thank you to all of you and a special thank you to our current Patrons, you are all so awesome! Finally, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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