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MuslimManga — New Muslim Character Focused Comics

Ongoing Comics

There are multiple ongoing series going on right now, including Muslim Manga Club, Journey of a Muslim, and WaSalam, which are updated weekly.  Make sure to check back regularly to catch the latest episode.

Complete Manga

Our complete manga are multipage manga that are standalone publications. Some of these manga may have sequels, but are not actively ongoing.

Contests and Events

We are always doing our best to have an awesome contest going for our community, and we enjoy the wonderful submissions we get.

Nur.City Community

MuslimManga is a community where people of all ages, young or young at heart, share their artwork, and stories, support one another, and join the journey of becoming better Muslims

Latest Episodes of our Webcomics

WaSalam Comics

Sura and Cat

WaSalam Sura and Cat Nyahaha! I got you now you will never be able to escape! +w+ what?! =3= I…
WaSalam Comics

Aya and Cat

WaSalam Aya and Cat oh my another cat that’s is my chance to kindnap her and Muhahaha! +W+ but then…

Latest Completed Manga

Latest Artwork

MuslimManga Latest Works

underwater fantasy - thumb

Underwater Fantasy

the promised dragon - thumb

The Promised Dragon

the boy and the bear - thumb

The Boy and the Bear

The Sign

United We Stand

Wiggle Wisaal

Fan Zone

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Muslim Manga Core Features

Community Contests

We have regular contests to engage our worldwide community

High Quality Manga

We have many high quality manga that you can enjoy and learn from

Responsive Team

Responsive Team. We want to work together with you. So we do our best to get back to you as fast as we can.


Gain a global perspective by joining Muslim Manga and making friends from all over the world.

Translated Content

Our aims is to go beyond English language only, and to translate our works into as many languages as possible. If you wish to help with that goal, make sure to let us know. We can always use an extra hand.


Our aim is to create content for Muslims and non-Muslims despite cultural differences that may exist among us.


Not only do we have manga, but we also have animatics, which are story-board-like animations with great voice acting.


Want to improve your art? Use one of our tutorials to improve your work.


We also aim to create podcasts to engage people via audio.

Bring forth light in a new age of darkness.
We live in a time where we may be free to do a lot of things, especially in western countries, but freedom of information or freedom of thought is not as accessible, with different narratives being forced upon us. At Muslim Manga, we want to do our part in helping push forward more neutral yet accurate understandings of Muslims and Islam. Ultimately it is the readers decision what to do next with this information, but we aim to at least be the little step that helps people jump from darkness and dive into the depths of light.

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