Muslim Manga has “Life of a Muslim in Japan” as a Honorable Mention for the Unity in Diversity Contest. A cute story made by Mugipai telling about life of two Muslimah friends in Japan. 

life of a muslim in japan 1

life of a muslim in japan 2

life of a muslim in japan 3

life of a muslim in japan 4

life of a muslim in japan 5






Would you like to read more Muslim Manga like “Life of a Muslim in Japan”?

We have a collection of Manga with Islamic stories as well as ones with Muslim characters. Such as “The Pious Student”, “Samurai Akiyama” or “Hana & Her Love” and of course a variety of Submissions by our Community!


Muslim Manga is also a group on DeviantArt 
There, we are promoting the understanding of Islam and a more accurate perspective of Muslims as being good and peaceful humans, in order to show Muslim youth Islamic Lessons and lessons in Islamic Teachings. Contests of Muslim Manga are also held there for you to submit.

DeviantArt is a Site with a lot of online artwork, videography and photography since August 2000. So groups and individuals can organize all their art in its specific categories.


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