The Islamic Comic “Changing Colors” is a Manga by Dakara based on a true story about a Muslim girl dealing with the struggles and support of choosing the Hijab.

Changing Colors was categorized by Muslim Manga as an Honorable Mention for the Unity in Diversity contest.

changing colors cover
changing colors credits
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  • Şeymagül Algün
    June 16, 2019 2:05 pm

    I live in Muslim country-most of people muslim someone practice someone not- but when first time i wore hijab my school friends laughed me when i walked on street. My neighbor asked many question and she did not want to see me with hijab. I thought many times because I afraid people but after a while I understand and love my hijab. In summer it’s hard 🙂 but I love it. Who live in non-muslim country it is hard but I pray for them. Thank you <3 ^^

  • I wear hijab in iran. Becuase of some medies war some of my freind hate hijab they think hijab prison them and cant live easily but there is not true this image made by enemy media i love hijab….so in our country that hijab more easily than other somebodies laughed and say bad words becuase of it …. But when you know what is the best never that problems stops you….

  • i live in Banglades. i wear hijab and niqab too. My friends accepted me and family too. but sometimes teachers think i may become some sort of terrorist and so tell me to wear short hijab. but i am not doing that inshaallah bcoz i love what i wear.

  • i could relate to this…. my mom said i can only wear it when i go to college. i havent graduated yet and im looking forward to wearing it inshaAllah. this manga is really heartfelt!!!

  • love the drawing

  • thank you for ur nice dua , I live in France so it’s not easy ( hijab is forbidden in school for example ).
    But hope one day I ll. be able to live in a muslim country ( or where they tolerate hijab and the 5 daily prayers ).
    I pray Allah to make it easy for us .

  • Love it, such incredible drawings!

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