Himawari is a story about a Muslim kindergarten, its teachers and its students. The goal is to teach children about Islamic topics. Follow them as they learn about Islam. The story tells in a simple way about Islam, so everyone can easily understand. The writer’s intent was to show gratitude, friendship, empathy and many other subjects through the eyes of children.

himawari 1

himawari 2

himawari 3

himawari 4

himawari 5


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  • Muslim make dua after the meal,christians pray before the meal.PLEASE be more carefull?

  • Muslims can pray at anytime, before or after. But we should indeed be careful not to confuse our cultural methodologies as the absolute truth for all people.

  • Muslim helper
    April 18, 2020 1:39 pm

    Muslims can pray before and after or in the middle of the meal it doesn’t matter? Before meal you can make this dua?”Allahümme barik lena fihi
    Muslims can pray before and after or in the middle of the meal ve etimna hayren minhü “after the meal you can make this dua?”El-hamdü-lillahillezi etamena hazettaame ve rezekana min gayrı havlin minna ve la kuvveh”and ?”El hamdü-lillahillezi atameni ve esbeani ve sakani ve ervani”?El-hamdü-lillahillezi etamena ve sakana ve cealena ?Hope that it will be helpfull for you my friend?

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