Hana & Her Love Chapter 1

Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 – The Boy in Front of Her


Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 is a high school slice of life comedic Manga by Harihtaroon & Hamed Nouri. Hana has sworn never to fall in love with a boy until Aditya walks past her. Because of him suddenly Hana’s world changes forever. Is this merely love at first sight or will this shape her destiny?

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Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 1
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 2
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 3
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 4
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 5
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 6
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 7
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 8
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 9
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 10
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 11
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 12
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 13
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 14
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 15
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 16
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 17
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 18
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 19
Hana & Her Love Chapter 1 - 20

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  • This is a good manga that i read, because i think this manga give a motivation to be a muslim in japan

  • Keep up the good work may Allah provide you with his blessings

  • It’s the best.I like it too much.

  • wow I am so happy to see this site I am muslim and shia and like anime an manga… but all times I wish I more happy when this art is about of my dear Islam… and thanks god to find you… I want from God bests for you…. and any way I can translate them to persian if you want…

    • AsSalamualaykum. Thank you very much for the support.
      We would be happy if you were to translate the content into Persian/Farsi. This can help the content reach more people inshaAllah.
      If you can, please go to MuslimManga.org/apply and mention you want to translate there.

    • That’s really perfect. I loved this amazing story.If it’s translated to farsi my cousin will be easy reading and enjoying such nice manga.Wish you luck?

  • Laga Satriatama
    July 8, 2019 2:18 pm

    idk why, but my heart felt so warm… can’t wait to see the next chap

  • I felt shy while I was reading the manga.
    I truely wanted to try one of these contents for a long time.
    It’s so cute seeing such a comunity of Muslim artists, working to generate Islamic contents. And also delightful. ♡♥♡♥

    But still shy.
    Shyyyyyy. ‘:)


    Cheers for the hardworking Aya chan. (So beautiful name! ♥)

  • I am so interesting for support this dakwah,
    May Allah give me way to help this project

    • Assalam ue Alaykum, Raice!
      Thank you so much for reading “Hana and her Love” and for your interest
      There are various ways to support Muslim Manga, if you are interested. Like:

      By joining Muslim Manga as a volunteer: https://muslimmanga.org/Apply/
      Or by supporting the artists by donating on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MuslimManga
      Or by simply being part of the community through, for example, Nur.City!: http://nur.city/

      Insha’Allah, I was able to suggest something that interests you. 😀
      Jazak Allah Khair

  • […] Hana & Her Love 1 […]

  • 🌸so cute but I whish the boy doesn’t had so much talk with the girl.Like in the idea in pious student


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