Assalaamwalaykom dear members!

We just hit our 1000 member mark! To celebrate we are going to have a “We hit 1000 Members Contest”, but unfortunately I won’t be giving any prizes.  I would love to, but at the moment I can’t afford that.  If anyone wants to donate prizes, please send a note with your prize idea to shsn
I hope you will still participate in the contest even though no prizes are promised ^_^


First Place
We are sisters by curious23neko
2nd Place
Same Peace by UmmuVonNadia


All the Entries

1) Music can unite us by fafa-sama


3) UNITY by GaGaK89

4) Best friends for eternity by lovethirst

5) Same Peace by UmmuVonNadia

6) We are sisters by curious23neko

1st Place:  Nesmaty will donate 500 points to the first place winner

It is really awesome that we have members from all over the world at Muslim-Manga.  For this event, to celebrate our unity with other Muslims around the world, you will need to submit a drawing of Muslims of different races in peace with one another.

Be creative and ask any question you may have before submitting your artwork for the “We hit 1000 Members Contest”.

To submit to this contest,  Just submit normally to the correct category (male oc, female oc, multiple oc, etc.), then comment below with a link to your drawing.

Include ‘’  in the bottom corner of your actual artwork.

Contest ends March 31st 2011 – extended to April 31st!

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