The Nur City Festival 2020

Assalam wa Alaykum and welcome to the Nur City Festival 2020! Muslim Manga’s Discord community in Nur City held a fun Cultural Festival, a.k.a Nur City Festival. The idea was inspired from the real world’s or the in Animes often shown school festivals!

Nur City is an imaginative corner of the online world, where we help Aya and Sura save the rest of the world by being creative, writing stories, making games, and just having fun with each other.


Here are the results of the school clubs! Each of them had a club president, a vice president and club members and they’ve worked together to finish their projects in time. Thank you for your hard work dear students of Nur University and thank you dear visiters who have joined us at the festival!

Please enjoy their results and we hope we’ll see you live at the potential next Festival as a visitor or even as a new citizen of Nur City!

Note: Heads up! There may be still more incoming project results!

No results found.

Special thanks to the hard working students of the school clubs:
:anger_right: MIC (Manga Illustration Club)
:writing_hand: Creative-Writing
:earth_africa: Nurlinggo
:rofl: Memers
:flags: Otalku
:cat: Kittengarten
:sauropod: Zoology
:newspaper2: Yearbook-Club
:books: Book-Club
:ramen: Yakisoba
:camera_with_flash: Photography
:microphone2: VOC (Voice Over Club)

Nur.City: A place for the Community of and by MuslimManga has opened its door on Discord for anyone!

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