Assalamualaykom everyone,

The Respecting Your Parents contest is now open. This contest is going to be combined with the The Importance of Praying.  That means that there is only one winner for both these contests.

General Rules
You should Visit Manga Contest for General Rules and other information,

Specific Rules and instruction
Your manga must depict the importance of Respecting Your Parents.

The idea is to make a manga a) to encourage younger Muslims to respect their parents, b) teach non-Muslims how important respecting your parents is to Muslims, or c) both a and b.

Prize – The first place winner will get a 6 month subscription.  If you do a collaboration, you split the prize in half.

Time: November 1 – November 30 – From now until March 31

Nur.City: A place for the Community of and by MuslimManga has opened its door on Discord for anyone!

Would you like to see more Muslim Manga Artworks? We have a collection of funny, inspiring or even serious artworks with Islamic topics as well as Muslim characters. Such as “Pray for Sudan”, “Home is Dua” or “Our Hearts are with You”. And feel free to check out the artworks submitted by the community for various art challenges!

Your support literally enables us to make and host these kinds of Artworks. If you consider helping us out, please do so via Patreon. There will also be cool rewards / gifts that you can get for your contributions. Thank you very much!

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