Ramadan is Here Winners

Winners of “Ramadan is here”

Winners of “Ramadan is here”:

1st Place is Tieq’s deviation
2nd Place is hoshikuzucomics’s and Tuffix’s deviations
3rd place is soulfight-a-devianty’s and chocoreaper’s deviations

1st place gets one month sub and although this was not mentioned when we started the contest, 2nd and 3rd might get features (if I have time)

Tieq, inshaAllah I will give you your sub soon.  Just be patient


The winners of the “Ramadan is here” contest Tieq, hoshikuzucomics and Tuffix’s deviations are tied for 1st place. Please re-vote and only vote for one of their entries this time…


Voting until October 3rd

Anyone that is a member before July 31st can vote.

To vote:

Send a note to Muslim-Manga with the entry number, and name.  Make sure to ALSO include your reason for picking that entry.  Your vote alone is meaningless.  We want your reasoning, in order to make our decision.
Vote for who you think should be number one + reasoning
who you think should be number two + reasoning
and who you think should be number three + reasoning

(  All people who submitted a deviation for this contest are encouraged to vote.  You cannot vote for yourself though.  )

There has to be at least 10 entries before we end this contest…  If we don’t get any by the due date, then unfortunately no one wins

Are there anymore entries?  For those of you who are interested, you only have about 9 days left

Disclaimer – These entries only represent the views of the authors and artists.  They do not represent the views of Muslim-Manga (group).

Entries So Far

1.  tuffix.deviantart.com/art/MM-R… – by tuffix

MM - Ramadhan is Here Contest by tuffix  :icontuffix:

2.  dark-blast.deviantart.com/art/… – by dark-blast

MM-RamadhanIsHereContest by dark-blast  :icondark-blast:

3.  dark-blast.deviantart.com/art/… – by dark-blast

MM-Ramadhan is Here Contest 2 by dark-blast  :icondark-blast:

4.  wilpan.deviantart.com/art/MM-R… – by wilpan

MM - Ramadhan is Here Contest by Wilpan  :iconwilpan:

5.  soulfight-a-devianty.deviantar… – by soulfight-a-devianty

:thumb136955684:  :iconnesmaty:

6.  reaper0collossus.deviantart.co… – by reaper0collossus

Commercializing Ramadan by TheOnlyWarman  :icontheonlywarman:

There are more 😀

7.  reaper0collossus.deviantart.co… – by reaper0collossus

Driving home Ramadan Survey by TheOnlyWarman  :icontheonlywarman:

8.  chocoreaper.deviantart.com/art… – by chocoreaper

OHJOYJOY RAMADHAN - MM entry by Chocoreaper  :iconchocoreaper:

9.  kauthar-sharbini.deviantart.co… – by kauthar-sharbini

Ramahan lailat Al-Qader . by Kauthar-Sharbini  :iconkauthar-sharbini:

10.  dindasun.deviantart.com/art/MM… – by dindasun

MM - Ramadhan is Here Contest by dindasun  :icondindasun:

11.  hoshikuzucomics.deviantart.com… – by hoshikuzucomics

Fail by HoshikuzuComics  :iconhoshikuzucomics:

12.  tieq.deviantart.com/art/MM-Ram… – by tieq

:thumb137514954 :  :icontieq:


August 27 to September 20th


One month subscription.

Short Rules

  • Be creative
  • No profanity
  • No nudity
  • Multiple entries allowed
  • Must be about the ‘Ramadhan is Here’ in a positive way.
  • It must be in anime or manga style.  Will not accept photos or photo manipulations
  • Join this group : [link]


Create a deviations that is in Manga or Anime style and is about the Ramadhan.  This is supposed to about Ramadhan.  This is similar to the Ramadhan is Coming Contest, but it is more focused about Ramadhan “is Here” because Ramadhan has already started.  Try to come up with appropriate things that you think are important to remember while fasting and things you think people should think about.  Be creative.  Come up with original ideas.  ^_^

You can make a comic for thing contest too, but either way you will get one month subscription if you win.  You can submit more than one deviation if you want.  If you made two separate deviations for ‘Ramadhan is Here’ you can submit both of them to the contests.


When submitting deviations for this event you should title them the following:
“MM – Ramadan is Here Contest”
After that, note us at Muslim-Manga with the title being “RAMADAN IS HERE CONTEST ”

Ramadan is Coming
Muslim Style Fan Art

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