Pray for Boston Contest

Assalaamualaykum, thank you for visiting the Pray for Boston Contest of events. Since there was some confusion with the contest due to the web hosting being down on Muslim Manga, we are extending the contest until July 22nd 2013

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Assalaamualaykum. Right now, the media is using this incident to try to scare more people and to portray Muslims as violent.  We need to make art saying we care for the victims to show Muslims are not supporters of violence.  So try to participate in this contest if you have the time.  Use this contest to show what Muslims are really about: peace, not violence.

“We want to show our support for the Boston Marathon Victims and want them to know that as Muslims, we are praying for them.
For this contest, you will need draw a Muslim character that is praying or doing dua for the well being of the victims of the Boston Marathon.

Let us all show our support and love through art and let us all keep them in our prayers.”

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For deviantArt members, you can choose to submit it to Muslim-Manga (make sure to submit it to ‘For Muslim Manga’ folder if you choose to submit it on dA)
Also, for deviantArt members, the prize can be 20 dollars via paypal or 1600 points on dA.

Any questions, comment bellow here, or comment on the link.

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